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Freedomtothink.social Community Standards

From the onset, freedomtothink.social was intended to be a small and open-minded instance within the larger Mastodon fediverse. This open-mindedness is meant to foster an air of ease amongst its members and to promote reasoned and respectful posting and dialog. In keeping with this intent, and with the full understanding that “open-minded” means different things to different people, these community standards seek to clarify the specific ideals of the instance within the framework of current culture.

Encouraged uses of freedomtothink.social

  • Create posts sharing images, videos, text, etc. that is important or interesting to you.
  • Open discussions around topics that might be of interest to other members.
  • Network with other members of the instance; meet new people.

Who is welcome on freedomtothink.social and how does one join?

People of all stripes and persuasions are welcome on freedomtothink.social, provided they don’t deal in actual racism/sexism/etc-ism (not the vapid “problematize all-the-things” dogma currently infecting low-quality minds around the globe). Pro-tip: If that last sentence insults you or your liberal arts degree, this instance definitely isn’t for you. This instance uses a closed registration system in which prospective members must request an invite to gain membership to freedomtothink.social. As the owner of this instance wishes to keep it on the smaller side, please understand that such requests are often rejected. Those who stand the best chance of receiving an invite are those known personally by the owner or an existing member and who are able to use someone on the instance as a reference.

Welcome and somewhat welcome conduct on freedomtothink.social

The following types of content are examples of welcome content on this instance. Note, some example types are frowned upon in plain view so keep them to direct messages:
  • Satire and dark humor is welcome here but it is requested that you hide posts that might reasonably cause others discomfort behind a content warning. Read below for more information on the CW system within Mastodon.
  • NSFW posting to the local timeline on this instance or to the public federated timeline from this instance is frowned upon due to the possibility that some accounts on this instance might belong to minors. Obviously, no measures taken at the instance-level will prevent NSFW material from finding its way to the eyes of instance members. Still, the instance owner would like to reduce the likelihood, if at all possible, of such material finding young, sensitive minds.
  • Reasoned and respectful conversation. You know your intent when you make a post. We will do our best to infer your intent and to take your side of things into consideration, should ever something you post be called into question.

Unwelcome conduct on freedomtothink.social

The following will result in moderation action up to and including the immediate closure and banning of your account on the instance:
  • Real and actual racism, sexism, homophobia, etc., as reasonably defined by someone with more than 3 decades of life experience on this Earth (or another more-intelligently populated Earth from another dimension) in a capacity not easily construed as “sheltered”.
  • Anything that could be described as "spam".
  • Impersonating other people.
  • Verifiable harassment of any kind.

What do these community standards mean in terms of other instances federating with freedomtothink.social?

To understand the importance of this question and the impact of the answer to this question upon your experiences within Mastodon, you must first understand a little bit about how Mastodon is structured and the politics prevalent within the greater world of Mastodon. Unlike Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms, Mastodon does not have a central server owner or single entity that controls all of Mastodon as a platform. Instead, Mastodon is decentralized into individual instances. Each instance can have a separate owner and can be deployed privately or through a hosting service. As an end user of the platform, you simply chose an instance on which to create an account. Anything you post can be seen locally on the instance you choose. A process called “Federation” then syncs posts from one instance to other instances and that is what permits your posts to be seen by a larger audience. A much better description of this model can be found here: https://joinmastodon.org/ As for the politics, many Mastodon instances – including the instance managed by the creators of Mastodon have very strict codes of conduct and terms of service that state any instance that doesn’t conform to their rules will be blocked from federating with that instance. Since freedomtothink.social is more open to dialog and refuses to permit “punching up” activism, there’s a good chance that many instances will chose not to federate with us. This may lead to a smaller overall audience for your posts.

Introduce yourself!

After signing up, post a message to the Local Timeline telling us who you are and what your interests are. Help us to get to know you better

Content Warnings (CW's)

Mastodon includes a wonderful feature called “content warnings”. While the original intent seems to be to protect people from posts that might harm their sensibilities, they are also handy for spoiler warnings and such. Give them a try whenever you feel your post might be a bit too much for the more sensitive among your peers on the instance.